ManageBGL month subscription

ManageBGL month subscription

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ManageBGL is a Simulated or Virtual insulin pump - only MUCH better! It provides cutting-edge tools for managing diabetes that NO OTHER SYSTEM can provide. ManageBGL is a sophisticated blood glucose, carbohydrate and insulin logging and PREDICTION system. If you are low, ManageBGL will tell you EXACTLY how many carbohydrates to have to get back to your target BGL. It will also take account of Active Insulin, and tell you EXACTLY how many carbohydrates to have to avoid getting low in the next few hours. * Predict where your BGL will be 2-3 hours from now - with no more blood tests than you already do! See EXACTLY what effect your insulin is going to have. * Eliminate stacking of insulin that can leads to hypos * Bolus Wizard tells you how much insulin to have for the Carbs you eat, and to correct any high BGLs at the same time * Log BGLs (Blood Glucose Levels), Carbs (Low, Medium and High GI foods), Insulin (every different type), as well as other readings like HbA1Cs, Blood Pressure, Stress, Exercise and Sickness. * Chart active insulins, active carbs and BGLs, and other medications and results. * Share with other carers (using EZShare code) - such as school, other parents, grandparents, etc for sleepovers etc * Share with your diabetes management team (using email address) * Realtime data available instantly online - using your PC, Mac, iPhone or any other Smart phone. * Online food database with 7000+ items from the USDA food database * Intelligent suggestions, warnings and notes based on your readings * Import data from any meter or pump * Emergency contact details are stored and can easily be displayed. * No hefty price tag of $5000 - $8000! All the features (and more!) of a pump without the hassle, medical waste and discomfort!


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